The Benefits of Aluminium Canopies from CBCC

Did you know that Custom Built Canvas Canopies doesn’t only make canvas canopies? We manufacture and supply custom aluminium canopies in addition to our popular canvas canopies.

Custom Built Canvas Canopies offers a wide range of canopies including budget canopies, standard frame canopies with an option of a super frame, executive canopies, and aluminium canopies. We don’t have a preference, but your lifestyle might, so be sure to pick the canopy option that is right for you! Rest assured that whichever canopy type you choose, if you order from CBCC, you will receive top quality.

What Makes Aluminium So Great?

Aluminium is a great material to make canopies out of because it is:

  • recyclable
  • strong, impact-resistant
  • corrosion-resistant
  • lightweight

Why Choose an Aluminium Canopy?

The most important thing when choosing a canopy is space and weight – you want somewhere to pack all your gear without weighing down your bakkie. This is the reason we use aluminium and canvas for our canopies – both are extremely lightweight materials.

Aluminium canopies, however lightweight, are strong and durable and will help if you require additional weight on top of your canopy; this means you have the option of adding a tent or roof rack.

CBCC can build custom aluminium canopies, with openings on all three sides, for any bakkie type. Contact us to find out what we can put together for you.

View our aluminium canopy gallery here:

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