Helping You Stay Safe and Dry in the Rainy Season

We “bless the rains down in Africa”, just like Toto says. However, during the rainy season many areas of South Africa get non-stop rain. This can be lovely when you can stay home and read a book, listening to the pitter patter of the raindrops; but unfortunately, life doesn’t slow down. Come rain or shine, we all need to continue on our business and travels back and forth. Custom Built Canvas Canopies can help make your wet travels safe, comfortable and dry. If you want a fully functional bakkie, no matter what the weather, you need CBCC.

Canvas Canopy for Your Bakkie

If you use your loading bed to transport supplies, take workers to and from sites, or simply let your dog sit in the back, a canvas canopy from CBCC will make your trip easier, especially in the rain. Whether you have an existing frame or not, the canvas canopy can be installed by CBCC. It will protect your loading bed and its contents and passengers from the elements, which is especially important when it rains.

Tonneau Covers

CBCC also makes and installs Tonneau Covers. This is perfect for those who use the loading bed as cargo space for work and pleasure. Your working equipment, fishing gear or anything else under the canopy will be safely tucked away from the rain.

Generator Covers

Finally, we have Generator Covers. Investing in a generator for when Eskom deals out loadshedding, or perhaps from earth leakage due to continuous rain, you’ll want to protect your investment. Nothing is more frustrating than having a generator and not being able to use it because it has been damaged by the elements.

For all of this and much more, contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

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