How to Make This Christmas Extra Special with CBCC

Custom Built Canvas Canopies (CBCC) is known for its practical, functional, and durable canopy solutions for your vehicle. A CBCC canopy is the best accessory for any bakkie owner, but CBCC’s products do not end there. CBCC has something for everyone this Christmas! Find out what is on offer to make Christmas extra special for a loved one this festive season with CBCC.

Make Their Year with an Executive Canopy with Super Frame

The Executive Canopy with Super Frame transforms any bakkie into a dynamic and functional vehicle with room for further additions depending on your hobbies and daily activities. You can lock the gates with a padlock, and the covered loading bed is ideal for packing sporting, hunting and fishing gear.

For even more packing space CBCC offers Roof Racks that can carry loads of up to 600kgs outside the vehicle. That’s some serious storage for the holiday season with the whole family!

Couch & Table Covers

Having couch and table covers is great for protecting your furniture against the elements and dust, especially if you are going away for the holidays. Be sure that your loved one opens this gift before you go on holiday. Then again there will be room for it if you have opted to buy a Roof Rack along with any of the canopies available from CBCC.

Gazebos for Outdoor Festivities

The perfect gift for those who love the outdoors would be a Gazebo that everyone can enjoy all-year round, especially with some time off and great weather.

Contact us at CBCC for more information on our range of amazing canopies and products.

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