Why A Standard Canopy from CBCC is Exactly What Your Bakkie Needs

Custom Built Canvas Canopies has endless customised products available. You can choose from an aluminium canopy, or canvas fit to any vehicle. Install a roof rack and create packing materials for all your camping, hunting and/or fishing goodies. The Standard Canopy with Super Frame is the ultimate canvas canopy solution for anyone with a bakkie.

The Benefits of a Standard Canopy with a Super Frame

Installing a Standard Canopy with a Super Frame ensures:

  • protection for the contents of your vehicle from the elements and prying eyes
  • broadening the uses for the loading bed of your bakkie

Roof Rack Compatibility

The Standard Canopy with Super Frame can have additional features which lend themselves exceedingly well to bakkie owners. The Super Frame from CBCC can have an additional Roof Rack installed, which can carry an additional 400kg.

Fits All Sizes of Bakkies

The Standard Canopy with Super Frame fits single cab, double cab and super cab sized bakkies.

Tent Poles for a Comfortable Shady Spot Where Ever You Go

You can opt to get additional extras in the form of tent poles with your bakkie canopy. This way if you go camping, attend a festival or market, you can create your own shady place to sit anywhere with the help of some tent poles. Now all you have to do is get the camping chairs, sit back and enjoy the scenery.

For the Standard Canopy with Super Frame from Custom Built Canvas Canopy, or any of our other customised offerings, be sure to contact us today!

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