Turn Your Bakkie into the Ultimate Transformer with CBCC!

With our host of solutions for bakkies, we have the power to turn your bakkie into the ultimate transformer! Transform your bakkie from being just a transporter, taking you from A to B, to becoming a transformer that can help you to perform work tasks, to protect loads and to have an extra special summer!

Bakkie Canopy: The Ultimate Safety Expert

With a custom built canvas bakkie canopy, your bakkie will transform into a safety expert, guarding your precious loads from prying eyes and sticky hands. With protection from the outside world, your loads will not just be safe from theft, but it will also be protected from the outside elements, such as rain and dust.

Drawer System: The Ultimate Work Companion

With a personalised drawer system designed just for you, your bakkie and your needs – your bakkie becomes the ultimate work companion. A drawer system designed, built and installed by CBCC will streamline the organisation of your work tools and give you a more professional look, while keeping your goods safely tucked away. This system prevents damage and keeps the organisation of your goods and tools in shipshape.

Side Awning Bakkie Canopies: The Ultimate Adventure Buddy

Now for the fun side of your transformer, with a bakkie canopy and side awnings, your bakkie becomes the ultimate adventure buddy, geared up to provide you and your family with days and nights of camping fun. With a bakkie canopy, you can turn the back of your bakkie into a camping tent, protecting you from the elements. With side awnings, you get to make use of maximum space surrounding your bakkie, giving you an undercover braai and chill area instantly.

For more solutions that will turn your bakkie into more than just a vehicle, contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies to get started on your transformer!

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