Summer Loving: The Benefits of a Bakkie Canopy in the Summer

Generally speaking, a bakkie canopy offers a variety of benefits for every season of the year. However, because the summer season has begun, we thought we would give you specific benefits that may inspire you to have a more fun-filled and relaxing season.

Here are some benefits that you will experience with a custom built bakkie canopy this summer:

More Cover, More Shade, More Cool

The one thing that most of us experience throughout the South African summer season? The relentless heat. The heat can cause fatigue and harmful exposure to the sun, this is the part of summer that is often not welcomed. The best way to fight this battle is to ensure that you stay hydrated and that you have the most shade as possible so that you can steer clear of the harmful rays. With a bakkie canopy, you get just that: more cover, more shade, more cool.

More Protection

People are often busier in summer, especially as people scramble to prepare for the holiday season. Due to the rush, you are often left with a lot of expensive goods to lug around from place to place, such as stock that you may be delivering or gifts that you are collecting. With a canvas canopy, and perhaps a drawer system for better organisation, these goods can be safely hidden away from wandering eyes.

More Options

The holiday season brings us a few days of leave, as well as a house full of bored and restless family members. With a bakkie canopy, you get a richer variety of options of what you can do this summer. You can go camping and use the back of your bakkie as sleeping quarters, you can go for adventures and have the space to pack your best braai gear, or you can get equipped with a roof rack and transport your bicycles or Jet Ski to your next destination. With a bakkie canopy from CBCC, the options are limitless.

Contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies and find out what we can do for you this summer season.

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