Need Ideas for Your Next Date? Find Out How Canvas Canopies Can Help You

If you’re struggling to find date ideas that will impress your partner, or potential partner, why go for something unforgettable and unique? The movies are so overrated, dinner at a restaurant is completely overdone and even bowling has become outdated. Get inspired to dazzle your next date with a pure African and awe-inspiring experience using these following ideas with Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

A Bakkie Canopy Picnic Under the Stars

Totally original, and so South African, a picnic at the back of your bakkie, protected by a quality canvas canopy is pure genius. You can pack a picnic basket filled with treats (don’t forget the wine) and you can decorate the back of your bakkie to look like a romantic fort. Why go to a picnic spot when you can have one right at the back of your bakkie?

A Fairy Tale Gazebo Dinner

Another winning summer date idea, and potentially a great way to propose for those getting serious, is a fairy tale gazebo dinner. For those of us who prefer more intimate evenings in the comfort of your own home, having a gazebo designed for your garden will enable you to serve dinner in style. Simply get a gazebo custom built by us and then go wild with the details, some fairy lights would go a long way!

A Mountain Biking Adventure

South Africa has some of the best mountain biking trails in the world, why waste these beautiful terrains by having an ordinary indoors date night? Surprise your partner with a spontaneous mountain biking adventure. You can always find a good trail nearby and you can have your vehicle fitted with a custom-made roof rack in order to mount your mountain bikes.

Contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies to get the products you need to impress your date this summer.

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