CBCC: Transform Your Bakkie into a Mobile Adventure Home

With the variety of innovative solutions from Custom Built Canvas Canopies (CBCC) you can transform your bakkie into a mobile adventure home! A mobile adventure home will enable you to go from A to B, from adventure to adventure, with an adaptable and moveable “tent” that consists of all your necessities and comforts. By turning your bakkie into a mobile home, you can save on accommodation and you can start planning your camping route around Africa.

How to turn your bakkie into a mobile adventure home?

Start with a Bakkie Canopy

Your first step to transforming your bakkie into a mobile adventure home is by getting a bakkie canopy custom fit for you by CBCC. Our bakkie canopies are made with only the highest quality materials, built to protect your equipment and built to handle any weather. Our canopies enable you to safely store and pack more goods, and it allows you to turn the loading bed of your bakkie into a tent where you can get all the rest you need between trips.

Turn Any Area into a Campsite with Side Awning Bakkie Canopies

By adding side awnings onto your bakkie, you can turn any area into a protected and covered campsite, perfect for fishing, braaing or just relaxing in nature. A side awning will also keep you and your family protected from the sun’s harsh rays. CBCC’s quality awning canopy solutions enable your bakkie to expand into a mothership of camping bliss; just add some camping chairs and you have yourself a family campsite anywhere!

Top it All Off with a Roof Rack

The cherry on top: a roof rack from CBCC! A quality roof rack gives you the opportunity to carry more luggage in order to keep the back of your bakkie free of luggage and with more room for passengers or even pets. It also allows you to bring along your large adventure equipment like a kayak, a bicycle or all of your fishing equipment.

Get in touch with us at CBCC and let’s help you transform your bakkie into a modern camping masterpiece!

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