How to Prepare for the Rugby World Cup with Custom Built Canvas Canopies

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup around the corner, you might be wondering how best to prepare for this season in order to back our boys in comfort and style. In order to make the best of all the games that you will have to watch over South Africa’s hot spring weekends, you will need to make provision for big family braais as well as road trips to watch games away from home.

Bakkie Canopies

From aluminium to budget canopy solutions, we have it all. With our variety of quality canopy options for bakkies, you can give yourself a safe space to transport all the meat and beverages your heart desires. For those of you who will be stocking up for rugby season, get a canopy to make things easier, while offering the best protection for your goods.

CBCC Rugby World Cup 1

House Awnings

With the rugby season comes the heat. Protect your family from the harsh sunlight by adding shady awnings to your house. Create the perfect braai and chill area by adding a canvas house awning by Custom Built Canvas Canopies. Not only is it extremely practical, it is also a good looking addition to any house.

CBCC Rugby World Cup 2


If you do not have the right corner for a house awning, why not get a gazebo instead? Our gazebos have given our clients an extra chill area, perfect for adults and kids, to enjoy the garden without being exposed to the sun. Discuss what happened in the game over an ice cold beverage and pass the long summer evenings away in pure bliss.

CBCC Rugby World Cup 3

With Custom Built Canvas Canopies you can prepare yourself for a successful season of rugby and family braais.

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