Boat Covers from CBCC and Why You Need One ASAP

There are a number of reasons your boat needs a boat cover which may be overlooked completely by many boat owners overlook completely. A boat cover has the potential to increase your boat’s lifetime with 30%. Anyone who has shelled out the cash for a boat will tell you that this is well worth it.

Why Boats Need a Quality Cover

The amount of money spent on boats means that you should be investing in their maintenance as well. One way to do this effectively is to make use of a quality canvas cover for your boat, regardless of what kind, size or shape it is.

CBCC Boat Covers 1

Boats are subjected to a number of conditions and constant changes like wet and dry cycles as well as hot humid weather, pests, sun, storms, salt, dust and dirt. A boat cover is a way of minimising the damage this can do to your boat and a means of protecting your investment.

“Universal” boat covers are not the answer. A boat cover must fit the size and boat model you have snugly in order to avoid water and debris damaging the boat from inside the cover which is meant to protect it.

Opt for a custom built canvas cover for your boat from Custom Built Canvas Canopies. This way you can be sure that it is waterproof, of a high quality and a perfect fit for your boat. It needs to be tight enough to keep water and debris out but not so tight that it traps water and debris in, which will encourage the growth of mold.

Breathable, but secure, is the fit you are after and Custom Built Canvas Canopies has this down to an art. Contact us at CBCC to get everything from a boat cover to a canvas canopy for your bakkie.

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