How to Do Hunting Season Right: Get CBCC Involved

Even though hunting is a year-round past time in South Africa we tend to take advantage of it more often in the winter. Now that the winter is undeniably upon us there are a few ways in which Custom Built Canvas Canopies is geared to make any hunting trip a little bit warmer and much more comfortable and practical.

Hunting Frame Bench

A Hunting Frame Bench is made to accommodate hunting from the comfort of your loading bed. This way you can park somewhere in the sunshine (but out of sight) waiting for your prey to approach. This is generally a safer way to hunt, especially when there are children involved so the entire hunting party stays together at all times.

CBCC Hunting 1

Bin Seats

Bin Seats are the perfect way to further make use of your vehicle as a means of making any hunting trip more practical and comfortable. On any hunting trip, I’m sure you are hoping to bring some meat home from the hunt? A bin seat makes it possible to keep the meat out of sight (and smell of other animals) while not sacrificing any space in the loading bed. On the contrary, it creates more seats which works perfectly well with the Hunting Frame Bench also made available by Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

CBCC Hunting 2

Executive Canopy – Super Frame

With all these hunting accessories made available by CBCC there is one we have not yet mentioned. This is a hunter’s and any bakkie owner’s best friend: The Executive Canopy with Super Frame.

The Executive Canopy comes with a super frame so if your bakkie doesn’t have one, not to worry. It is roof rack ready and its gates can be locked with a padlock. It is easy to attach and remove the cover so you can choose to make use of it on your way to your trip and detach it to fully engage with your hunting frame bench.

Contact us a CBCC for anything and everything you may need on your hunting trip this season or anything your bakkie needs in general. Happy hunting!


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