How Sure Are You Your Bakkie is Set For Anything?

The multiple benefits of investing in a product from Custom Built Canvas Canopies (CBCC) is the fact that no matter which one, or which ones you choose, the functionality of your bakkie will see a dramatic increase. Here are some of the most popular items from CBCC to take your mode of transport to a new level of practical usability.

Contractor’s Canopy

If you work as a contractor and your bakkie is as much a part of your work as you are then you need to kit out your bakkie with all the bells and whistles. CBCC makes a Contractor’s Canopy, dedicated to those working with their vehicle on site, as well as to transport equipment and their workforce along with them safely.

Existing Steel Frame Winter-Ready 2

It has been specially designed to make the loading of equipment and passengers quick, safe and easy. It’s also easy to clean after a long day’s work thanks to dust proofing.

Dust Proofing

CBCC provides dust proofing, which is especially important for anyone who owns a bakkie and uses it for work in any way. If you have ever taken your bakkie down a dirt road or onto a mining or building site you will know that when it leaves, it leaves a completely different colour and covered in a thick layer of dust.

CBCC Your Bakkie is Set For Anything 2

CBCC provides Dust Proofing to keep dust at a controllable level so that you can make a few trips before needing a wash to see your paint job.

Roof Racks

If you are looking to increase the functionality of your bakkie even further, then the Roof Rack is the CBCC solution for you. If you find that when using your bakkie for work or travel you can’t seem to fit all the equipment you need inside the vehicle, the Roof Rack will provide loads of extra space.

Use it to make the interior of the vehicle more comfortable for another passenger or to bring a whole lot of stuff with you, even if you didn’t think it would all fit in the first place.

CBCC Your Bakkie is Set For Anything 3

Executive Canopy with Super Frame

If you are looking for the ultimate solution for all of your bakkie needs then you’re after the Executive Canopy with Super Frame (if your bakkie doesn’t have a frame one will be provided and secured by CBCC). It is prepped for the awning on the back and both sides as well as roof rack ready. So, whether you are driving a single, double or super cab bakkie the Executive Canopy is a foolproof way to ensure that your bakkie is, in fact, set for anything.

CBCC Your Bakkie is Set For Anything 4

For all of these fantastic products, canvas canopies and more contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

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