The Ultimate Space Saving Systems from Custom Built Canvas Canopies: Custom Drawer Systems

Custom Built Canvas Canopies is known for providing customers with easy-to-use and ingenious means of saving space in your bakkie. These clever systems have been developed to streamline the way you pack items into your vehicle, whether it be for a hunting trip, a holiday or every day for work. Here are some of the most popular space saving systems available from Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

Custom Drawer Systems for Bakkies Without Existing Steel Frames

If your bakkie doesn’t have an existing steel frame you could always opt for a custom drawer system. The custom drawer system allows you to make the most of the loading bed space. You will also have peace of mind knowing that all the items you have packed into the custom drawer system are safe under lock and key, far from wandering eyes and sticky fingers. If you would prefer a two layered custom drawer system for your bakkie, Custom Built Canvas Canopy can install a durable steel frame for you.

CBCC Custom Drawer System 1

Custom Drawer Systems for Bakkies With Existing Steel Frames

If you choose a custom drawer system for a bakkie with an existing steel frame there is even more space that can be taken advantage of via Custom Built Canvas Canopy’s expertise. The drawer is installed the same as it would be in the loading bed with a whole second layer of packing space on top using the same drawer technology.

CBCC Custom Drawer System 2

For the ultimate space saving system for your bakkie contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies. We will install a custom drawer system (and steel frame if necessary) to your specifications.

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