How to Get Your Bakkie’s Existing Steel Frame Winter-Ready

The winter chill is in the air and whether you love or loathe it Custom Built Canvas Canopies has solutions to keep you, your staff and equipment shielded from the elements.

Canvas Canopies for Existing Steel Frames

Canvas canopies are a great solution for keeping the winter’s bite at bay. With a canvas canopy for your steel frame you can be sure that whether there are people, animals or equipment in the loading bed, they will be kept warm and safe by the canvas canopy. They are available for all bakkie sizes. If your bakkie doesn’t have an existing steel frame, Custom Built Canvas Canopies is able to provide one for you. We are also able to provide:

  • Side awnings
  • Side awning drop sides
  • Tent poles
  • Tent pole ropes
  • Roof racks

Existing Steel Frame Winter-Ready 1

Contactor Canopies

As a contractor, the contractor canopies available from Custom Built Canvas Canopies are ideal for your daily activities. These canopies provide guaranteed safe transit of large-scale building supplies, as well as the staff that may occupy the loading bed at any given time. Not to mention the cover provided by the contractor canopy will keep the occupants warmer than they would be without it.

Existing Steel Frame Winter-Ready 2

Aluminium Canopies

If you are after a more heavy duty solution you may be interested in an aluminium canopy. They are immune to corrosion and rust while still being lightweight and secure. They will always look neat and professional and provide maximum cover and protection from the elements.

Existing Steel Frame Winter-Ready 3

If you are looking to beef-up your existing steel frame with a canvas canopy, or need a steel frame, Custom Built Canvas Canopies has all of this and more available to make your bakkie ventures easy and comfortable. Contact us for more details.

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