The Benefits of an Existing Steel Frame Canvas Canopy Cover

A bakkie with an existing steel frame has the making to be something great. This is especially true when you invite Custom Built Canopies into the mix.

What a Canopy for an Existing Steel Frame Can Do for You

You can choose to have a canopy added to your bakkie with an existing frame. If your vehicle does not currently have a steel frame Custom Built Canvas Canopies can install this, as well as a cover, for you. The frame is a high quality aluminium frame that is low maintenance and does not corrode – meaning it is immune to rust. The canvas itself is high-grade material that is UV resistant to ensure it can endure the harsh African sun.

CBCC Existing steel frames 1

Canvas canopies are simple to secure to the vehicle and to remove so it won’t take loads of time out of your day choosing to secure or remove the canopy for the day. It is perfect for contractors or anyone working on sites such as mines or construction sites as the canvas canopy ensures no dust enters the vehicle. This means your tools, equipment, luggage or whatever may be in your loading bed remains clean. The canopy will also give the loading bed more space for packing.

Available for All Vehicle Sizes

If you think your bakkie can’t have a canvas canopy for whatever reason, think again. Custom Built Canvas Canopies makes exactly that, custom canopies. Whether you have a single, double or supercab bakkie we will build a canvas canopy and frame that works for you.

CBCC Existing steel frames 2

Additional Features Available

There are great additional features available to be added to your custom built canvas canopy to add even more functionality to the vehicle canopy. These additions will make camping, travelling and working with your vehicle easier and more functional. This includes:

  • Side awnings
  • Side awning drop sides
  • Tent poles
  • Tent pole ropes
  • Roof racks

CBCC Existing steel frames 3

For a canvas canopy for your bakkie’s existing frame and more contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

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