Custom Built Canvas Canopies: Streamlining Long Weekend Getaways

Long weekend getaways are great, the packing, less so. With products from Custom Built Canvas Canopies (CBCC) this is made a breeze, especially if you are packing for a fun-filled long weekend of camping with the whole family.

Bakkie Beds

CBCC makes more than bakkie canopies available to you, at the end of the day anything can be custom made at your request. One such product that has become wildly popular, especially among avid campers, are the Bakkie Beds.

This way you completely eradicate the need for a tent, you can simply catch some shut eye right on the loading bed of your bakkie in the comfortable, safe and spacious Bakkie Beds from CBCC.

CBCC Streamlining Long Weekend Getaways 1

Camping Beds

No need to worry, we haven’t forgotten about the kids. While you and your partner get the loading Bakkie Beds for the night, the children can make use of the convenient Camping Beds available from CBCC.

It can easily sleep three to provide an elevated and warm sleeping arrangement for camping families.

CBCC Streamlining Long Weekend Getaways 2

Camping Equipment Covers

Due to the fact that everything from CBBC can be custom made you can further streamline your long weekend getaways. Everyone’s camping equipment may vary but one thing remains true of all of them, they need to be protected.

Camping gear is pricey so taking good care of it is imperative to keep them covered and protected so they may serve well into the future.

CBCC Streamlining Long Weekend Getaways 3

Drawer System

If you are looking to make packing as easy as it could possibly get, you may want to invest in a custom built Drawer System. The drawer system is exactly that, it allows you to use your entire loading bed as a drawer that allows you to easily access anything you packed for the trip.

CBCC Streamlining Long Weekend Getaways 4

If you are always putting off long weekend getaways because the packing is too much of a chore then contact us at CBCC for the solution(s).

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