4 Reasons Everyone Needs a Product from Custom Built Canvas Canopies

Every South African should get a Custom Built Canvas Canopies’ (CBCC) product just because they are applicable to everyone and will make a difference to their bakkie whether they know it or not. Here are just some of the ways products from Custom Built Canvas Canopies can benefit everyone.

1.      Extra Packing/Storage Space

Whether you choose to install the all-purpose roof rack or a canopy for your vehicle, these CBCC products will ensure you always have enough space for everything and that your load will get to your destination in one piece. The extra space provided by Custom Built Canvas Canopies’ products means that there is always room for one more on any holiday.CBCC Everyone Needs a Product 1

2.      Additional Safety

Products from Custom Built Canvas Canopies are designed to keep your belongings safe from the elements and from prying eyes. A bakkie comes with its own range of perks but those are all for none if the large loading bed for your things is unsafe.

You may be risking your belongings being damaged by sun, rain and wind or risk them being stolen from right under your nose. A canvas or aluminium canopy from Custom Built Canvas Canopies is designed to prevent this.

CBCC Everyone Needs a Product 2

3.      Increased Practicality of your Bakkie

Products from CBCC give any vehicle an instant upgrade. If you are in a contracting profession you can choose a Contractor’s Canopy, specifically designed to streamline your daily activities.

If you are an avid hunter, fisherman or camper you may choose to have a Bakkie Bed installed so you can enjoy the outdoors all day and all night.

CBCC Everyone Needs a Product 3

4.      More than Canopies Available from Custom Built Canvas Canopies

If you are not an avid traveler or maybe you don’t even have a bakkie, CBCC still has something for you. You may decide to get your pooch a dog bed or to get a gazebo for the stoep.

CBCC Everyone Needs a Product 4

Whatever you end up driving away from Custom Built Canvas Canopies with it is guaranteed to improve your day every day that you use it.

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