Finding the Canopy to Suit Your Needs from Custom Built Canvas Canopies

Custom Built Canvas Canopies has something for everyone. Whatever your canopy needs may be Kallie is always there to rise up an exceed expectations.

Budget Canopy

The Budget Canopy from CBCC is ideal for someone looking to make a small addition to their bakkie that makes a big difference. It is available for single, double and super cab bakkies with a standard frame, Ripstop cover with a tailgate window flap, as well as fixed front and rear flexi windows.

The Budget Canopy serves as a protective covering for your bakkie’s load box which can be easily attached and removed as you require. It is an elegant and simple solution for anyone looking for coverage and protection for the cargo in their bakkie. This is perfect for camping, hunting, fishing or any bakkie driver who is on-the-go with equipment.

CBCC Canopy to Suit Your Needs 1

Contractor Canopy

The Contractor’s Canopy from CBCC has served many contractors and their employees well for years. It makes the job significantly more comfortable for everyone involved. We often refer to the Contractor’s Canopy as the contractor’s safety blanket because it ensure equipment and supplies are kept secure, safe and within reach.

The Contractor’s Canopy is designed to allow you to load the back safely whether it be with equipment, materials or staff.

CBCC Canopy to Suit Your Needs 2

Aluminium Canopy

The Aluminium Canopy from CBCC is the perfect solution for anyone who is after a durable canopy with an extended lifespan for heavy duty work. The aluminium’s light weight nature paired with its strength make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to get a lot of use out of the canopy with minimal maintenance.

CBCC Canopy to Suit Your Needs 3

Whatever your individual needs and day-to-day activities may be Custom Built Canvas Canopies has a product to suit your specific requirements. Contact us for your perfect fit!

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