CBCC: Taking on Anything South Africa Can Throw at Us

Custom Built Canvas Canopies makes bakkie accessories and multiple other canvas products built for everything we love about South Africa and to accommodate those things we are not such big fans of. Here are just some of the areas in which CBCC puts a smile on every face in Mzanzi.


The weather in our sunny South Africa is usually just that, bright and sunny. Not that a little rain has ever stopped us from throwing a chop on the braai. When the rainy season comes it is more comfortable to have a designated braai area so that there is never an excuse not to invite some friends over for good food and conversation.

CBCC makes Lapa and Braai Area Covers to fit your home perfectly. Now every patio, stoep and boma is prepared to entertain your guests without the elements ever getting in the way.

CBCC Proudly South African 1

If you are just looking for a change of scenery for your braai CBCC makes Gazebos too!

CBCC Proudly South African 2

The Seaside

Everyone from Mpumalanga to Gauteng knows that the South African seaside is something everyone should experience. Some of us are lucky enough to visit often or even live on the coast.

CBCC has something for all those that love the salty breeze and the ocean waves. Whether it is a T-top or otherwise CBCC makes Boat Covers for everyone.

CBCC Proudly South African 3

We even make Beach Buggy covers for those who prefer to ride the sand instead of the waves.

CBCC Proudly South African 4

Load Shedding

As proudly South African citizens there is one thing we most definitely despise together and that is load shedding. For those of you who have made preparations for dark times in the form of a generator (which can be pricey) CBCC has something to help you protect your investment.

Generator covers ensure your generator is safe when not in use. It prevents them from gathering dust and will keep them dry while stored.

CBCC Proudly South African 5

Trekking from One Point to Another

We have come a long way since travelling by foot or ox and wagon, now the average South African prefers a bakkie as their chosen mode of transport. CBCC specialises in creating canvas covers for bakkies of all shapes and sizes. They are custom made, practical, durable, lightweight, aerodynamic and secure.

CBCC Proudly South African 6

To get your bakkie kitted out with its very own canvas canopy and all the trimmings contact Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

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