Why You Need a Canvas Canopy

CBCC Why You Need A Canvas Canopy Cover

Custom Built Canvas Canopies specialises in, you guessed it, canvas canopies. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider getting a customised canopy for your bakkie.


Our canvas canopies are sold at competitive prices so we will always give you the best possible price. This coupled with the fact that Custom Build Canvas Canopies’ products are exceedingly strong makes it a solid investment in a long future with your practical canvas canopy.

Customised Design

You may be asking yourself “will it fit on my bakkie?” Custom Built Canvas Canopies’ products are exactly that, custom built. No matter what bakkie you drive or what requirements you have we will make it happen. You can even add extras such as a drawer system or a roof rack for added functionality.



The risk with leaving things in the loading bed of a bakkie is that they can be damaged by the elements or taken by thieves. Canvas canopies keep prying eyes and sticky fingers at bay.

Lightweight and Aerodynamic

When properly secured our canvas canopies are designed not to increase drag. A canvas canopy does not slow down your vehicle in any way. The products from Custom Built Canvas Canopies have even proven to allow drivers to travel further for less fuel by improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

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Durable and Low Maintenance

The durability is thanks to the canvas material used at Custom Built Canvas Canopies which is waterproof and rip-resistant. This means that no matter what the weather or conditions look like on the road your possessions are protected from the elements. Unless external factors outside of the elements interfere with the integrity of the canvas canopy there is no reason it should last as long as the vehicle it is fitted to.

A practical loading bed solution in the form of a canvas canopy bakkie accessory that saves you money too!? What are you waiting for? Contact us for a canvas canopy of your own.

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