Fight the Heat and Sun with CBCC Products

CBCC Fight the Heat and Sun with CBCC Products

Anyone who lives in our sunny South Africa knows that the sun can be unforgiving, especially when it is beating down in the summer. Custom Built Canvas Canopies has products designed to protect you, your family and your vehicle from the often unrelenting sun.

Contractor Canopies

All canopies available from CBCC are made with a high-quality aluminium frame which ensures durability while being low maintenance. The Contractor Canopy is not a luxury but an essential tool when it comes to anyone whose work entails transporting equipment or people during the course of the day.

The Contractor Canopy is designed to protect those sitting in or things packed into the loading bed from the elements, especially during long trips with no other escape from the sweltering sun.

CBCC Fight the Heat q

Bike Garage

For all of the “Hell’s Angels”, “Cowboys with Steel Horses” or whatever you choose to call you and your biker friends CBCC has made the effective Bike Garage available. This is ideal for long trips with unpredictable weather.

The Bike Garage is designed to protect your vehicle when you are not using it. Whether it be during a rain shower or left outside when there is no cover from the sun. With the Bike Garage, you will always have a comfortable ride when returning to your motorcycle as it has been shielded from the elements.

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Awnings and Awning Canopies

Awnings for your home or businesses’ entrances are available at Custom Built Canvas Canopies. When it comes to protecting yourself from the sun an Awning Canopy is the ultimate companion while camping. It ensures that even before tents and gazebos have been set up that there is asylum from the hot sun.

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Whatever you may need to escape from the unyielding sun, at Custom Built Canvas Canopies we have solutions available in every shape and size. Contact us for more information on how we can customise your vehicle to provide you with the optimum level of service, practicality and comfort possible.

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