The Perfect Gift and Everything You Need For a Holiday Gathering from CBCC

CBCC Holiday Gathering

Custom Built Canvas Canopies is known for making top quality canvas canopies and accessories, but they can do so much more. This article explores just how custom everything available at Custom Built Canvas Canopies really is.


Custom Built Canvas Canopies makes beautiful gazebos to adorn any poolside this holiday. If you are looking to create a space for seating in your garden it can be easily done with a custom built gazebo, made to your specifications.

CBCC Holiday Gazebo

Lapa and Braai Area Covers

Customised lapa and braai area covers from Custom Built Canvas Canopies can transform the way you “kuier” all year-round. In winter it is great for keeping company warm while still enjoying everything al fresco. For the summer holidays it is perfect for keeping the party going come rain or shine.

The lapa and braai area covers will also stop sound from travelling as far so that your late night braais don’t bother your neighbours. Not to mention how the custom lapa and braai area covers are fantastic for keeping the summer mosquitos at bay while still letting in a fresh breeze.

CBCC Holiday Lapa


Trampoline Guard

If your children or grandchildren are spending the holidays with you and will be playing on the trampoline you need to call Custom Built Canvas Canopies first. Eveything snags in the spings of a trampoline, children’s fingers and toes as well at locks of hair. To keep the kids safe while they play this summer be sure to invest in some made-to-measure trampoline guards.

CBCC Holiday Trampoline

Executive Canopy

The pride and joy of Custom Built Canvas Canopies is still the Executive Canopy with Super Frame. They have multiple features perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors whether it is camping, hunting, farming, construction or transport. Whether the person you have in mind would benefit from an Executive Canopy while at work or play it is the ideal gift for the outdoorsman in your life.

CBCC Holiday Canopy

For all of this and more contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies. We have everything you need to make for many successful gatherings the holiday and a fruitful 2019!

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