Keeping Your Belongings Safe and Sound While on Holiday

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When you are with your family at the beach, in the bushveld or exploring a new city this holiday the last thing you want to worry about is your car. You want to enjoy every moment as it comes without stressing about the safety and condition of your car as well as the things inside while you venture away from the car.

With Custom Built Canvas Canopies the safety of your bakkie is covered, here are just some of the ways our canopies are geared to keep your belongings safe.

High Quality Aluminium Frame

With any canopy you choose from Custom Built Canvas Canopies the frame will be made from a high quality aluminium. This means that it is not only strong but there is no need to worry about it weakening or rusting. Even in the salty sea air the aluminium frame will not rust or become brittle.

No matter where you choose to spend your holiday season the aluminium canopy frame will remain unchanged no matter how rugged your surroundings may be.

You may even opt for a solid aluminium canopy to reap the benefits of the high quality aluminium as the entire frame of your canopy.

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UV Protection

Most of us city dwellers venture to the seaside for the summer holidays. The summer sun is intense all over Southern Africa but you tend to be more exposed to it when you are on the coast.

Luckily, Custom Built Canvas Canopies is well aware of this and makes use of UV resistant materials wherever possible to ensure durability despite the hot African sun.

Canvas Secured to Frame

The canvas used in our canopies is well secured to the frame. This means it cannot easily be removed by would-be thieves, especially not unnoticed.

The frame does not make use of drill holes to secure it which means dust proofing is improved and the chances of your loading bed rusting are much lower.

Window Covers

When you go to the beach or a camping ground it is best practice not to bring all your valuables with you, but you are will likely leave some in the car. Prying eyes are the most dangerous factor when it comes to items being stolen from your vehicle.

Our custom built canopies are equipped with window covers to keep said prying eyes at bay.CBCC Safe and Sound While on Holiday 2

For a stress free holiday when it comes to your bakkie contact Custom Built Canvas Canopies for everything your vehicle needs to keep you, your loved ones, your belongings and your vehicle safe.

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