Getting Your Bakkie Beach Ready with CBCC

CBCC Get Your Bakkie Beach Ready with CBCC

We all want to end our year off with a holiday at the beach. If you are lucky enough to be gracing the seaside this coming holiday then be sure to read on to find out how you can ensure your bakkie is kitted out for your beach holiday this year with the help of Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

Jet Ski Covers

Some of us have a love for speed and this is often best expressed on the water holding on to the power delivered by a Jet Ski. This is an expensive piece of equipment and anyone who owns one will inform you that taking care of it is both simple and effective to using this seafaring toy for years to come. Custom Built Canvas Canopies has just the solution for making sure your Jet Ski is ready for your beach holiday this year, and for many to follow.

By making use of a Jet Ski cover you ensure that your Jet Ski is free from any buildup of dust or other substances when you get to the water’s edge.

CBCC Beach Bakkie 1

Roof Racks

The roof rack from Custom Built Canvas Canopies is ideal for any situation as it adds packing room for just about anything. Beach holidays include a lot of luggage and may include sports equipment like boogie boards and surf boards. The roof rack is perfect to accommodate all your holiday luggage and sporting equipment.

CBCC Beach Bakkie 2

Beach Buggy

If you are lucky enough to have access to or own a beach buggy then we have just the thing for you. If you have ever driven a beach buggy you know that sand quickly becomes an issue, well not anymore. With a custom-made beach buggy cover you’ll be ready for a beach cruise at any time.

CBCC Beach Bakkie 3

Boat Covers

For all of you that head to the sea side for some boating fun, we haven’t forgotten about our avid fishermen. Custom Built Canvas Canopies makes boat covers available for any boat you may have. Keeping your boat in peak condition, especially when it is not on the water, is essential to its longevity. Boat covers will keep the motor safe and the body of the boat clean while it is not in use, ready for your holiday.

If you are not so keen on the wild sea spray on your face Custom Built Canvas Canopies also makes boat T-top covers available so you can enjoy sailing on the seas just the way you please.

CBCC Beach Bakkie 4

Canvas Canopies

Last, but certainly not least, is the Custom Built Canvas Canopies’ specialty, the executive canopy complete with super frame. The super frame is bolted down and made of aluminium so there is no need to fear that it will rust when exposed to the sea side air.

You could also opt for the fully functional Budget Canopy with a standard frame, rear flexi windows and rear tailgate flap. The canopies from CBCC are all compatible with single, double and super cab model. Treat yourself this holiday with an executive canopy that will serve you long after your beach holiday is over.

CBCC Beach Bakkie 5

For all of these great deals and more contact us at Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

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