The Durability Factor: Canvas Canopies Built to Last in any Environment

CBCC Ultimate_Durability_for_any_Environment_Custom_Built_Canvas_Canopies

There are several reasons why, through the use of quality materials and intelligent design, Custom Built Canvas Canopies have the edge over any harsh environmental condition. The following materials and design implements are used to ensure the ultimate durability of the canvas canopies built by us, ensuring that your valuable canopy can be used all season round, in any environment, while maintaining its practicality and high-quality aesthetic value.

High-Quality Aluminium Frame

By using high-quality aluminium for our canvas canopy frames and roof racks, we ensure the ultimate level of durability for your vehicle’s canopy. The use of high-quality aluminium has many benefits in providing a weather-proof, long-lasting material for your vehicle’s canopy.

Aluminium is rust-proof which saves you time and money that would be spent on maintenance. The aluminium especially benefits the beach lovers who are often in proximity to the rust-prone coastal areas. Aluminium is also weather-proof, which means that your canopy frame will not swell, crack, or split under any external conditions.

CBCC The Durability Factor 1

UV Resistant Materials

Most of the materials used by Custom Built Canvas Canopies are UV resistant which means that your canvas canopy will maintain its quality and colour under the harsh African sun. Particularly crucial in summer, UV resistant materials will minimise the damage that can be caused throughout the scorching seasons.

Density Sponge Frame Design

The use of positive pressure whole and high density sponge between the frame and bin gives us dusty-road adventurers the luxury of clean luggage. By integrating density sponge into the fitting of your canvas canopy, the inside of your canopy will remain mostly dust-free and clean. Tackle those dusty roads without worrying about getting dust on your luggage with Custom Built Canvas Canopies.

CBCC The Durability Factor 2

Custom-Fitted According to the Frame

Our canvas canopies are custom-fitted to your vehicle and specifications, this means that all components of your Custom Built Canvas Canopy are custom designed and fit to each other. This attention to design and fit means that everything is more secure and fitted as tight as possible in order to windproof and waterproof your canopy. Canvas covers also improve the dustproofing and eliminates the rust of your bin, all custom-made and fitted according to your specific vehicle.

CBCC The Durability Factor 3

These and other elements of our canvas canopy designs ensure that your vehicle, equipped with a high-quality, durable canvas canopy, is sure to tackle the conditions in any environment for the ultimate leisure and work solutions. Contact Custom Built Canvas Canopies today to begin your ultimate adventure with a long-lasting canvas canopy.

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