Why Any Trip is Made Better with Custom Built Canvas Canopies

summer trip

Summer is here and everyone is gearing up for their annual trip be it to enjoy the warm weather or planning December holidays. How could this be made simpler, better and even more enjoyable? I’m glad you asked. Custom Built Canvas Canopies has anything and everything on offer you may need to make your trip a seamless affair.

Packing and Travelling Made Easy With a Canopy

Making use of a standard canopy and super frame for your bakkie can transform your means of transport into a much more user-friendly machine than it is without a canopy. The standard canopy with a super frame allows you to double the amount of functional space in your vehicle. Plus the high quality aluminium frame will not rust, saving you maintenance costs.

Because it is now covered it can act as more room for passengers, luggage or even a beloved pet you would like to bring along on your holiday. All canopies from Custom Built Canvas Canopies are made as UV resistant as possible wherever applicable to ensure they can endure the African sun. Whatever you decide to use it for there is now a huge amount of extra space to use on your holiday and that is arguably the most important thing for travelling by car.

CBCC Any Trip Made Better 1

Bakkie, Tent and Bed All-in-One

If you want to make your bakkie’s loading bed a functional space that can still be used for pack and sleeping you’ve come to the right place. The Bakkie Beds from Custom Built Canvas Canopies turn your bakkie into a hotel on wheels without compromising on packing space. You have a large bed in your loading bed while keeping all the space underneath it for storage and packing. Perfect for camping couples and families who enjoy the outdoors but not setting up tents.

CBCC Any Trip Made Better 2

Active Getaways Need Packing Space

If you are an active family who enjoys activities like fishing or cycling you need room for all your kit. Even a large bakkie can’t manage that and the whole family. But, fear not, Custom Built Canvas Canopies has a solution. We know that our customers have versatile needs so everything can be manufactured to your specifications in our workshop.

The Roof Rack is an elegant solution to the age old packing space dilemma. While luggage and passengers can comfortably sit inside, all of your necessary kit can be easily secured to the Roof Rack. You could even sit another passenger inside by shifting your luggage to the Roof Rack and make for a more comfortable trip.

CBCC Any Trip Made Better 3

Trust Custom Built Canvas Canopies to make your trips more comfortable and therefore easier to make more time for family fun. Be sure to get all your CBCC needs before the big holiday. Contact us for more information, let us ensure this is the best journey yet.

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