Now You CAN Fit in That Extra Luggage for your Summer Road Trip


No more excuses as to why your travel buddies can’t bring that extra luggage on board, with Custom Built Canvas Canopies you can create extra space on your vehicle to help your passengers bring all their necessities along for the journey. Kit yourself with Custom Built Canvas Canopy gear to maximise on space and comfort for your summer road trip!

Drawer System

If you’re someone who loves a perfect, organised solution to packing your luggage securely and safely, the aluminium drawer systems is the choice from CBCC for you. The simplicity of this solution allows you to stow your luggage onto the drawers and lock it up for secure travelling, this also assists in keeping your valuables out of site.

CBCC Extra Luggage

Aluminium Bin Covers

Another option for those with safety concerns is fitting your bakkie with an aluminium bin cover. While your valuable are securely locked away and unexposed, this simple and sturdy solution will give you a worry-free travel experience.

CBCC Extra Luggage.jpg 2

Roof Rack

There is no use of having all that empty space on your roof when you can turn it into a storage solution for your recreational equipment and luggage. Get a custom-made roof rack installed onto your vehicle to maximise on your space opportunities, by stowing some of your larger equipment, including your tent, onto the roof rack, you will have more space inside the vehicle for storage and comfort.

CBCC Extra Luggage 3

Canvas Canopies

Should you want to turn the back of your bakkie into a safe haven for your luggage, you may want to consider a custom canvas canopy to protect your valuables from the elements and to keep your belongings safe. Your canvas canopy can also double up as a shelter for you to camp in without needing to bring a tent.

CBCC Extra Luggage 4

Expand all the space options of your vehicle for your summer adventures, while protecting your belongings and keeping them safe. Give Kallie a call for the custom solutions tailor-made to reach all your adventure goals, and then give your friends a call to organise the ultimate road trip, luggage-full!

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