Why Animal Lovers Need Custom Built Canvas Canopies

CBCC dog in car

Custom Built Canvas Canopies provides bakkie drivers and the general public with everything they could possibly need. However, did you know that Custom Built Canvas Canopies has means of making travelling and living with pets more comfortable and less stressful for all the parties involved? Here are just some of the ways in which your very own Custom Built Canvas Canopy innovation can be an asset to both you and your beloved pet.


A Custom Built Canvas Canopy will protect your four legged friend from the rain, cold and sun. No one likes the smell of wet dog anyway. Investing in a Custom Built Canvas Canopy means that both you and your travel companion will have a more safe and comfortable journey wherever you go. This goes for anything loaded into your bakkie bed, including animal pals.


Dogs that are uncomfortable in a vehicle will be less likely to want to join you when the time comes that they need to come along for the ride. It doesn’t help that when your hunting trip rolls around, your secret weapon (your hunting dog) refuses to get into the bakkie. If the dog is used to riding in a bakkie kitted out with a standard canopy with a standard frame they will see this as their haven and easily get used to riding along as well as getting in and out without a problem. The addition of a window is always a plus so that the scenic routes can be enjoyed by everyone on the journey without fear of the dog jumping out of an actual open window.


An Extra Layer of Protection

Seat covers are essential if your animals (or children for that matter) are often in the back of the car. This will minimize stains from any spills or filthy paws that may come into contact with them.

CBCC Pets 1

Extra Comfort

For camping and hunting trips your dog will also need a comfortable place to get some rest before the next day’s new round of activities. Custom Built Canvas Canopies provide dog beds which can be used in the bakkie, at the campsite or even at home.

CBCC Pets2

For the ultimate comforts when it comes to you and your canine friend trust Custom Built Canvas Canopies to always have (both of) your best interests at heart. Contact us for more information.

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