Enjoy Spring With Custom Built Canvas Canopies

CBCC Spring

Spring is officially around the corner and we can’t wait. The best way to embrace spring is to make sure you have all the things you will need to soak up the sun and good vibes in comfort and style. At Custom Built Canvas Canopies there is something for everyone, for any occasion.


You will already have noticed that even the plants in your very own garden have started to become a lush green and to bloom. There is nothing more lovely than being able to sit outside and enjoy your own backyard in the comfort of a shady and secluded spot. Don’t have one? No problem, Custom Built Canvas Canopies provides beautiful and functional gazebos so that you can enjoy your blossoming garden without soaking up too much sunshine.

CBCC Spring 1


Be sure you don’t forget to make your new found spring nook as comfortable as possible. Custom Built Canvas Canopies supplies pillows for benches, whether covered by the warming glow of a gazebo or not. They are also great for seating in the back of your bakkie, of course.

CBCC Spring 2

Hunting Frame Bench

Now that the weather is a bit warmer hunting season is in full swing for those who would rather avoid winter nights on the hunting grounds. With the South African weather returning to everyone’s comfort zone, being outside is welcome. A hunting frame bench from Custom Built Canvas Canopies is the perfect way to embrace your hobbies and the lovely weather. Comfortably enjoy your hunting trip from the back of your bakkie.

Bin Seats

Speaking of hunting, you’ll likely want to bring some meat home so you need the space to do it with. Custom Built Canvas Canopies has yet another innovation to ensure your continuous comfort. Whether you use your bin to store tools, guns or meat, putting a seat on top of it just makes the loading bed of your bakkie an even more functional space.

CBCC Spring 3

Canvas Canopies

Last but certainly not least we have the cream of the crop; the canvas canopy. Every bakkie can make use of a canvas canopy to turn the loading bed into a safe, comfortable, functional and private space. You thought your bakkie could do anything and everything? You should see how much that changes by simply adding a custom built canvas canopy.

Contact us to start your spring off with a smile and get your choice of custom canvas options made to your specifications.

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