Are You Ready To Enjoy The Rugby?


Whenever there’s a big rugby match coming up, South Africans gather to enjoy the sport along with some good company. Whether you’re watching the Super Rugby or any other major sporting event, Custom Built Canvas Canopies has a whole host of things to help you enjoy the occasion.

Keep your goods covered with a canopy

Keeping your meat for the traditional braai cool and out of the sun is important, especially on the drive from the shop or to someone else’s house. With one of our custom-made canvas canopies you can have the loading bin of your bakkie covered and cool, with all your goods shaded until you arrive. Also, it will keep your things safe inside your bakkie while also keeping any dust or dirt out and away from it.


Keep your generator safe and sound

Pretoria has been experiencing a number of electrical problems and outages recently, especially with the destruction of the Wapadrand substation. So a generator is a great asset to make sure you keep your TV and entertainment system running during match time, no matter what happens. Let CBCC take some measurements and make a custom canvas generator cover for you to keep this asset safe and clean while you’re not using it so that it is always ready for game day. That way, when it is time to take it out you know it should be good to go.


Enjoy a shady braai

Do you enjoy having a braai close to the TV, enjoying the high spirits of socialising around the fire with the game still in sight? If so, then you’ll know that some shade would be a welcome addition for keeping comfortable. The perfect way to make sure you have enough shade is to either have us install custom house awnings for you, which will also prove helpful on rainy days. If you want something that can be moved around more easily instead, you could also try a brilliant canvas gazebo which is made to keep the sun off of you for years wherever you go.


Something for the kids

Children enjoy having a chance to play with family and friends on these occasions, and if there is a trampoline they will be all over it. You might be worried about them hurting themselves on the springs, but that doesn’t have to be a problem with a sturdy trampoline guard. This canvas cover is made to size for your trampoline and will cover up those springs securely to guard against any wondering fingers or toes.


Can you think of something else that might be great for match day? Contact Custom Built Canvas Canopies and we’d be happy to see what we can create to help. You can also check out our Facebook page, give us a like, and let us know what you think about our service or the topic of the day. We’d love to hear from you.

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