The Ultimate Picnics with Custom Built Canvas Canopies

CBCC Picnic

As South Africans, we are blessed with beautiful weather, even in the winter! It may be chilly outside but generally, the sun is out and shining, inviting you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. What better way to do this than to enjoy a good old fashioned picnic?

Ways Custom Built Canvas Canopies Makes Picnics Better

Custom Built Canvas Canopies has options for anything you may require. When it comes to picnics you may think a basket of snacks and a blanket is all you need? This isn’t untrue, but it could be made even better with CBCC’s creations.

Drawer System For All Your Goodies

The drawer system is made so you can easily access and make the best use out of your bakkie. This is handy in almost any situation, especially for avid campers and travellers. By simply pulling out the drawer you gain instant access to exactly what you need. This saves time and energy when both packing and unpacking.

CBCC Picnic 1

CBCC Picnic 2

Make a Night of It

If you are an avid camper then our bakkie beds are exactly what you need. Knowing that you have one means that any picnic has the possibility of turning into an all night stay. This means you can comfortably decide how, when and where you go after your picnic. Plus, the kids will love it if their day in the sun turns into a night under the stars.

Also, no need to fret, each bakkie bed can be made to leave plenty of space under the bed itself for your packing and even a drawer system. They don’t call it Custom Built for nothing.

CBCC Picnic 3

CBCC Picnic 4

Set up Shop With an Executive Canopy

The executive canopy has multiple benefits for bakkies on the road and for those taking a well-deserved break. The executive canopy is kitted out with a super frame that is bolted down and gates that can be secured with a padlock. All windows can close to keep out prying eyes or opened to let in the sunshine.

The best part about canopies from Custom Built Canvas Canopies, when it comes to picnics too, is the tent poles. This means you can set up a conveniently shady spot to enjoy the outdoors wherever you go.

These solutions from Custom Built Canvas Canopies take all the hassle out of your picnicking. Contact us and there will be no excuse not to go on a picnic this weekend.

CBCC Picnic 5



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