Custom Built Canvas Canopies for Farmers

CBCC Farmer

We are celebrating Farm Workers Day here at Custom Built Canvas Canopies by making the benefits of our canvas canopies and other products clear, especially the ways in which farmers can make use of them.

Dust Proofing

Any bakkie on a farm or any other area is sure to soon have its load bed filled with dust, sand and all sorts. By dust proofing the tailgate of the load bin it will be very simple to clean afterwards because dust and particles are kept out very well. This is great for a bakkie that does multiple jobs on the farm and on any dusty road. One day it can be loaded with sand, the next it can help transport livestock, and then you could fill it with produce on the third day.

The dust proofing means dust doesn’t easily get in due to the sides and bottom of the tailgate opening being sealed properly.CBCC Farmer 1

Standard Canopies with Super Frames

A standard canopy on a bakkie makes for a much more comfortable drive. Whether you use the loading bed for animals, passengers or produce they will be comfortable and sheltered from the elements. This is especially handy in the winter.

The super frame is bolted down, allowing you to fit it with a roof rack which when fitted properly can carry an additional 400kg. More loading space is always a perk in the agricultural industry.

CBCC Farmer 2

Roof Racks

These are a great accessory for anyone who needs to haul loads at any time. It is ideal for farmers and those working on agricultural land because you always have an extra 400kg of loading space available with the roof rack. Even if your bakkie is filled to the brim with passengers, animals or produce there is still plenty of space on top to take something else along.

CBCC Farmer 3

Tractor Covers

If you are tired of getting dust in your eyes as you work the fields, Custom Built Canopies has an elegant solution in the form of Tractor Covers. It will help keep you warm, clean and comfortable while you work.

CBCC Farmer 4

Buy these or any other of Custom Built Canopy’s products and you will receive a free quote when you contact us.

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