Reeling Out the Best Deals This Fishing Season with CBCC

CBCC Fishing

With the winter entering full swing you may want to weigh anchor and settle in at home where it is cosy and warm. However, just because you are asleep doesn’t mean the fishing season is. Make sure you take measures to keep yourself warm and kit out your bakkie to ensure your fishing trip is cosy and fruitful.

Drawer System to Secure You Catch

At Custom Built Canvas Canopies we are not just looking to put an addition on your bakkie, we are looking to provide you with innovative solutions and features that will help your bakkie serve all of your specific needs.

Installing a drawer system in the loading bed of your bakkie is a great way to keep all your gear in one place and free from dust. This makes your kit easy to find in any situation without your fly or tackle going all over the place.

CBCC Fishing 1

Aluminium Bin Liners to Keep Your Fish Fresh

If you have some ways to travel before reaching your destination, you may want to consider adding aluminium bin liners to your list of what you need on your fishing trip. Having aluminium bin liners in your bakkie ready for your fish of the day ensures it stays cool (with the help of a cooler and ice of course) and safe from any scavengers hoping to capitalise on your catch.

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Custom Built Canvas Canopies for a Cosy Fishing Trip

Budget Canopies from Custom Built Canvas Canopies are ideal for ensuring you stay warm during all stages of your fishing trip. Whether you decide to sit in it to escape the elements or rig it up with tent poles to create a gazebo for you and your friends to enjoy the day under and out of the harshest of the sun, the budget canopy is perfect.

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Whether you choose an option from Custom Built Canvas Canopies to keep your catch fresh or yourself warm, contact us to get you covered.

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