Al Fresco Anything with Custom Built Canvas Canopies

CBCC Winter braai

As South Africans (blessed with beautiful weather for the majority of the year) we are in love with the outdoors and tend to spend as much time there as we can. We eat, sleep and be merry outside for fun! So seeing as al fresco actually means “in the cool” in Italian, the winter is no reason to stop enjoying your meals outside. A little winter air isn’t enough for South Africans to stop braaiing anyway.

The most we might do is light a fire for potjiekos if it is really cold, and even then we choose to enjoy it outside. Here are some ways Custom Built Canvas Canopies is geared to help you enjoy weekend get-togethers and meals the way it was intended, al fresco.

A Lapa to Keep Out the Worst of the Fresco

South African homes proudly sport “braai areas” more often than not having some kind of roofing, but a thatched Lapa seems to be among the most popular choices. If your braai area needs a little bit of TLC this winter be sure to give Custom Built Canvas Canopies a call. We will have you out of the rain, under the Lapa and enjoying a braai in no time.

Your braai area may be feeling a bit chilly, and Custom Built Canopies can help with that too. Install window insulation in the form of canvas windows which can be opened completely or according to how much sunlight you’d like to let in. This is the perfect solution to get your braai area ready for winter.

CBCC Winter Braai 1

If your stoep is feeling like it could need some TLC you could always have canvas installed to act as the missing walls of your patio, Lapa or stoep. They are easy to roll up and down for ease and comfort, so you can use your outdoor area all year long.

CBCC Winter Braai 2

An Executive Canopy to For Al Fresco on the Fly

An executive canopy has many benefits, and any bakkie enthusiast will know that one of them is the benefit of being a much warmer way to travel than sitting on the back of a bakkie without a canopy. Besides the fact that any passengers will be very thankful for the extra coverage in the winter you can make use of the awnings on the left, right and rear to set up your own little al fresco area anywhere you can park.

CBCC Winter Braai 3

See what Custom Built Canvas Canopies has to offer to solve any winter blues you may have.

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