Enjoy Braai Month in Custom Canvas Style


The month of May has come again, and you know what that means: It’s Braai Month! This month you might want to braai as much as possible, and you may get invited to lots of braais. And Custom Built Canvas Canopies has you covered, quite literally.

Awning Canopies and Gazebos

Have you ever gotten to a braai (especially while camping), only to find there isn’t enough shade? With one of our awning canopies installed on your bakkie you’ll be able to just drive up to your preferred spot, quickly set up the awning, and just like that you’ll have your shade exactly where you need it.

For those braais in the backyard or somewhere that doesn’t allow your bakkie in, we also make gazebos. Best of all, you because it is a custom built CBCC gazebo you can ask to have it made as big or small as suits your needs. So all you need to do is get it set up and relax while your tough canvas gazebo takes the sun’s heat for you.

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Boat covers: for Braais by the dam

There are very few venues as perfect for a braai as a dam, and where there’s a dam there are boats. With a boat cover you can keep your precious water vehicle safe and clean on the way to and from the dam. This also give you a great place to store your bags and goods without worrying about them jumping out if you hit a bump on the road.


Camping (and braai) equipment covers

Braais are a major part of camping as well, so our camping equipment covers are the perfect solution for keeping your equipment clean and organised. Everything from your tongs to the braai grid can be covered and kept clean all the way to the braai, and it gives you an easy way to carry them too.


Custom Built Canvas Canopies

As always, the best item to make your Braai Month perfect is a custom built canvas canopy. These are our speciality and we can make them to suit whatever vehicle you drive. You’ll be able to drive around knowing that your belongings are safe under this cover, protected against the weather, sun and even a lot of the dust you might pick up on dirt roads. It’s the perfect way to travel!


Get in touch with us to find out what custom canvas solutions we can build for you.

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