Work In Comfort This Winter With These Custom Canvas Solutions


Do you sometimes wish you could stay warm and comfortable when working outside in the winter? If you’re involved in construction, surveying, or any sort of work that takes place outdoors then you will know how harsh the winter chill can be. But with Custom Built Canvas Canopies you can beat the winter chill and stay comfortable wherever you go.

Aluminium Bin Covers

Aluminium bin covers are a great way to cover your bakkie’s loadbox this winter. If you have some goods with you that shouldn’t get too cold, then you’ll be more than happy with one of these since aluminium is an excellent temperature insulator.

On top of not letting too much of the cold in, these loadbox covers are also a great way to keep the dust away from your goods. If you live in an area with dry, dusty winters, you will appreciate this.



SUV Bin Liners

Our custom SUV bin liners are another helpful asset during those dusty winters I mentioned. They will help you to keep the dust and dirt that keeps trying to get into your vehicle off your interiors, so your cleaning bill won’t be going up any time soon.

The best part: Because at CBCC knows all about custom-building products for customers, you can ask to have a custom bin liner made for whatever vehicle you have.



Contractor Canopies

Custom Built Canvas Canopies are the specialists here, and contractor canopies form a part of this. If you work in construction, a canvas contractor canopy can be a brilliant way to help your crew stay out of the cold while traveling and on breaks.

We can even custom build your canopy with an entrance flap that can be close to help keep the wind, rain and cold out during these breaks.

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Find out what we can do for you

Contact us to find out what CBCC can do for you. Canvas canopies are definitely his speciality, but with custom-built goods the sky is the limit.

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