Winter is Coming: Prepare for the cold with CBCC

CBCC Winter is coming

Winter in South Africa spans a short period but a lot of us tend to put our outdoorsy nature to bed and await the return of warmer days. This need not be the case. If you prepare for the cold there is no reason you should not enjoy the pleasures that a winter spent outdoors has to offer.

Bakkie beds for avid campers

Tents are a summer go-to when spending a night in the open but anyone who has been camping before will tell you just how cold it can actually get at night. The ground doesn’t retain heat for very long when it is not basking in the African summer sun during the day. So if you are in a sleeping bag on the cold ground it is only a matter of time before you really start to feel the chill – and then sleeping is unlikely to occur!

Custom Built Canvas Canopies has the solution to that very problem and it’s an elegant one at that. Your bakkie can be revived and even reinvented thanks to Kallie’s ingenious bakkie beds. By using the loading bed of your bakkie as an area to install camping beds you will be off of the cold ground and safe from any curious creepy-crawlies when camping at any time of year.

You can stay warm with your blankets and sleeping bag instead of shivering the night away. Safe off of the cold ground, you are sure to have a good night’s rest no matter where you are. All you really need is your bakkie, a blanket and a sky full of stars.

CBCC winter 1

Camping Beds

Custom Built Canvas Canopies has more than one solution available as an alternative to sleeping on the cold ground in a tent – alternatives that still allow you to enjoy the outdoors this winter. Relish in the winter from the comfort of your very own camping bed. With room for three people to sleep, you can easily enjoy an evening camping around the fire with several friends. Each person gets their own bed for the trip! Now that sounds like my kind of winter getaway.

CBCC winter 2

Contractor Canopies

Working hard throughout the winter months can feel long and dreary, especially for contractors working with many workers. If you often drive with passengers in the loading box of your bakkie spoil yourself and them with a contractor canopy. This way when you are driving from location to location your goods will be safe in the loading bed and your passengers will be shielded from the winter chill in the air.

CBCC winter 3

If you wish to experience the luxury of camping with creations by Custom Built Canvas Canopies, contact us and visit our galleries to see what else is on offer.

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