Stargazing with CBCC

CBCC Stargazing

Calling all Stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts! Find out how to gear up for all the upcoming celestial events with Kallie’s Custom Built Canvas Canopies. April is global astronomy month so there is no time like the present to be sure you have everything you need for a night under the stars.

Celestial Events at the end of March and Beginning of April 2018

Saturday, March 25

This week marks the time when Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is easily visible and truly something to behold. Be sure to have your telescopes and equipment ready for this heavenly wonder.

Monday, March 27

On this night the magnitude 7.5 Vesta is so easily visible you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of it with binoculars. It is the brightest asteroid in our view and shouldn’t be missed.

Saturday, March 31

This Easter weekend you can enjoy a sky full of stars and a beautiful full moon from around 02:30 pm. Lay back and bask in the moonlight.

Sunday, April 1

Mercury is visible as it reaches its greatest elongation!

Get Stargazing Ready with Custom Built Canvas Canopy Solutions


Bakkie Beds

There is nothing better than falling asleep under the stars – until now. Now you can Stargaze and drift away under the light of the stars in your very own Bakkie Bed. It is the complete and convenient solution for any avid campers because you are ensured a good night’s sleep wherever you may go.

CBCC Star Bakkie beds

Camping Equipment Covers

All your gear can now be specially protected with Custom Built Canvas Solutions. All your camping gear (pots, lanterns and even your telescopes) will be safe and easy to transport in their custom canvas bags and covers.

CBCC Star Camping Equipment

Canvas Canopy

The must-have-solution for all stargazers, campers and anyone who loves their bakkie is a custom built canvas canopy. The Standard Canopy comes rigged with a super frame that is bolted down, flexi-windows on the sides and back, and ready to be fitted with a roof rack should you so choose. They are compatible with single, double and super cab models and even come with tent poles to make your camping experience even more comfortable, simple and enjoyable.

CBCC Star Canopy

See all the options available for your bakkie and how you can embrace the benefits of Custom Built Canvas Canopies. Alternatively, contact Kallie to hear what he can customise to exactly your needs. Happy stargazing!

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