The Perfect Gift Ideas from CBCC

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Custom Built Canvas Canopies is your one-stop shop for pretty much anything your heart or beloved bakkie could ever yearn for. You can bring the same joy to your family and friends by getting them something custom made by Kallie for this festive season!

Last minute gift ideas

Let’s face it, men are difficult to shop for and gift giving is an art many have yet to master. Custom Built Canvas Canopies makes this process much less difficult because anything Kallie makes will be customised for the person receiving the gift. Plus, it will be practical, functional and change the way the person receiving the gift uses their vehicle in ways they have never imagined. You can’t go wrong!

The roof rack

This is the ultimate gift for the festive season because a roof rack is one of those tools you can’t understand how you lived without once you have it. For anyone in your life who is an avid sportsman or a lover of the outdoors, this will become a quintessential part of their lives. It will leave plenty of leg room by allowing you to pack your belongings on it for long road trips or carry your gear for your hobbies.

Roof racks are a great tool for spontaneous adventures. Whether it is mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, surfing or hunting, the roof rack is made to carry anything you might need to make the best of the holidays. The world is your oyster, go wherever you like and gear up for the adventure with a roof rack.

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An exclusive gift in the form of an Executive Canopy Super Frame

The executive canopy is the perfect gift for anyone one in your life (even if it is a gift to yourself) who wants to turn their bakkie into an even more functional and effective vehicle. The Executive Canopy Super Frame is bolted down and has left, right and rear windows along with windows that can roll up and be zipped closed too!

The gates can be locked with a standard padlock and awning cover the sides and rear to keep out prying eyes. It is prepared for a roof rack should you need an idea for someone who already has one or for next year’s gift.

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A new gazebo for the summer sun

Kallie is not only adept at creating canvas solutions for vehicles, but he makes gazebos too! Be the highlight of someone’s holiday by giving them a beautiful shady spot to sit in and enjoy the summer out of the harsh sun. It can even become your new braai area because braais are what holidays are for!

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This gift will blow them out of the water

If you are lucky enough to be near the water this holiday take care of your equipment with Kallie’s custom creations. You can get a Jet Ski cover so you are sure that your water steed is always ready for a ride. It will keep off dust and any other undesirables while in storage and waiting to be used.

The same is available for your boats to be sure that they stay safe and clean while they are not being used. A boat is an investment and Kallie creates protection for said investment in the form of boat covers.

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Whatever you decide, Custom Built Canvas Canopies has a gift for everyone in your life, even for you. Contact Kallie for your custom made solution today!

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