Get You Holiday Packing Right with Custom Built Canvas Canopies

CBCC Aluminium drawer

It’s holiday season again, and for many of you, that means you and your families will be travelling. One of the biggest worries when travelling is how to pack your belongings so that they will be safe and secure, especially while you are on the road. Kallie’s Custom Built Canvas Canopies has you covered. Literally.

Aluminium Bin Covers

If you have your bakkie fitted with a canopy, but you’re still worried about your luggage being too exposed, then you need an aluminium bin cover. The bin cover is a simple aluminium door which can be custom built to fit your bakkie perfectly so you can close up your bakkie’s bin and hold down everything in it. For even more security, you can then lock the bin cover while you enjoy your holiday, stress-free.

CBCC Aluminium bin

Drawer System

For those who want to relish a holiday without reaching for luggage in their spacious bakkies, the drawer system is perfect for you. The drawer system is custom made to fit your bakkie, and then all you need to do is pull it out, pack your things, and slide it back in. Your goods will be snuggly packed and secure, and when you arrive at your destination your drawer system will bring your luggage to you. You’ll never need to jump into the bin to fetch your bags again!

CBCC Aluminium drawers

Dust Proofing

 Whether you have a bin cover, drawer system or a custom canvas canopy, Kallie’s dust proofing will give you that additional feature to keep the dust out. With a cleverly placed strip of dust proofing in all the right spots, your bakkie will stay clean wherever you go. After all, who wants to spend their holiday sweeping out the bakkie?

CBCC Dust proofing

Caravan Nose Cover

 Caravans are a great way to simplify camping. Most caravans also have a convenient luggage compartment in their noses, but what if the nose gets hit by something like dust or rocks? These things happen, but a canvas caravan nose cover will protect your precious caravan from this. Whatever happens, your caravan’s nose will be covered, without scratches and clean, along with your luggage.

CBCC Nose Guard

Camping Equipment Covers

 As an added packing aid for the caravaners and campers, try the camping equipment covers! These covers can be custom-made for whatever you need to cover, from braai grids to gas canisters or even pots. Your camping gear will be safe and clean inside their own custom covers, and you’ll be the king of the site.

CBCC Camping cover

Cover up your gear and save yourself hassle this holiday season! Give Kallie a call and see what genius solutions Custom Built Canvas Canopies can pull off for you!

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