Enjoy a Great Last Minute Holiday

CBCC top tent

Have you found yourself working late into the holiday season, left without plans to go away? You’re not alone. Luckily there is a way to enjoy a last minute festive holiday with your best bakkie friend in White River, Mpumalanga. Just kit yourself out with some great Custom Built Canvas Canopy gear and you’re ready and set to go!

Why White River?

If you are making last minute plans and need accommodation, camping is your best bet – perfect for those with bakkies to make your own accommodation. White River is an underappreciated gem with a variety of lovely camping and caravanning sites, so there is bound to be a place waiting for you there. Just ask Google what camping spots are in the area and take your pick.

Also, it’s close to the Kruger National Park. What’s a holiday in South Africa without some wildlife-watching?

Drawer systems

One of the biggest frustrations when going away is luggage and how to pack it so everything fits. With a custom-built drawer system, you can start your last minute holiday with well-organised ease. All you need to do is pull your draw out, drop your luggage in, and lock it up for safe travelling. Just like that, your luggage is stowed securely and safe from prying eyes.

CBCC drawers

Roof rack (and a tent)

Now that your luggage is packed and you are off to the campsite, the next thing that will be on your mind when you arrive is setting up camp. For those who are particularly adventurous, you can make your life easy by attaching your tent to the top of your canopy with a sturdy roof rack and you’ll be good to go. Just park your trusty bakkie, pop your tent up, and you are sorted.

CBCC top tent

Bakkie beds

For those who are a little less trusting of heights and tents, how about a bakkie bed? Your bakkie bed can easily be custom built to fit in over your drawer system, meaning you don’t have to compromise on comfort or space. So you can skip setting up the tent and just open the back of your bakkie for access to your organised, comfortable bedroom on the go.

CBCC bakkie bed and drawer

Canvas canopies (custom built for any bakkie)

All you need aside from the bakkie bed for this option is your very own custom canvas canopy. Your custom canvas canopy will be guaranteed to fit perfectly to keep out the elements and keep your belongings safe. If you are using it as your tent you can rest assured that you will remain dry and safe from most creepy-crawlies trying to sneak in and ‘bug’ you.

CBCC holiday canvas

Whatever your camping needs are, however strange, there is a Custom Built Canvas Canopies solution. Custom building anything you need from high-grade canvas – and various other materials – is Kallie’s specialty. Contact him and make it a reality!


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