Holiday Essentials from Custom Built Canvas Canopies


Whether you are off to Mozambique, Mossel Bay or the Karoo this holiday, Custom Built Canvas Canopies has something to make your holiday even more special.

Custom Built Canvas Canopy for Christmas

With a custom-made canvas canopy your bakkie is protected from the sun, prying eyes, dust and sand. You want to go to the beach, not bring it back with you. Make sure you give your bakkie the five star holiday treatment with a custom built canvas canopy. It also makes the perfect gift for the bakkie enthusiasts in your life.

CBCC Holiday 1

Beach Buggy Covers

If you are a regular beach bum with your very own Beach Buggy then there are options available for your bay cruiser. Keep the sand under your wheels and only the wind (and not sand) in your hair.

If your vehicle is parked with your belongings inside while you enjoy the sea and sun they will be protected from the sand that seems to get into everything. In the event of some summer rain, you can ensure the interior of your buggy stays dry and even go for a rainy, sandy drive if the mood strikes you.

CBCC Holiday 2

Boat Covers

Custom Built Canvas Canopies can even kit out your boat with a canvas cover. This way you can hook up your covered boat behind your canvas draped bakkie, ready to be unveiled when you reach your holiday destination. When you are ready to pack up to go back to the city any beachy residue can be brushed off before putting the cover back on your “water-bakkie.”

CBCC Holiday 3

Roof Racks for your holiday gear

Whether you are going on holiday for fishing, surfing, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, hunting or general site-seeing, a roof rack for your bakkie will soon be considered an essential once you try it. You can drastically increase the space in the car even if it is just for the extra leg room. With all the additional space on the roof you can enjoy more holiday activities than ever before.

If you are headed to the beach and need a place to keep your fishing gear or surfboard the roof rack is the solution you didn’t know you needed. Easily take your beach gear anywhere and keep the sand outside of your vehicle as much as possible.

CBCC Holiday 4

Wherever you go this holiday, Kallie’s got you covered, on land and at sea!

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