Stay dry and safe with Custom Built Canvas Canopies

Custom Built Canopies rain

Driving in the rain is a dangerous undertaking and having some extra cover can’t hurt. Here are a list of products and some tips to keep you safe and dry this rainy season.

Existing Steel Frame Canvas Canopy Covers

If you drive a bakkie with an existing steel frame you have probably already grown tired of the rain. Things you load get soaked and your load box fills with water. Custom Built Canvas Canopies does exactly what it says: it provides custom fit canvas to anything. Bring your bakkie to have it kitted out with a canvas cover which will save you some stress this rainy season.

CBCC Existing steel frames

Bike Garage

All the bikers out there know what it is like to get stuck in the rain and they know that it is anything but a pleasant experience. Even if you do find cover, your motorcycle gets soaked by the time the weather clears. Don’t leave your bike exposed until the rain subsides – make use of Kallie’s ingenious bike garage instead.

CBCC bike garage

Safety tips for driving in the rain

A canvas canopy can make all the difference when driving because it will keep your vehicle dry and/or prevent it from taking on water. The cover will help keep you comfortable, yes, but your safety depends on your driving and this is particularly relevant when encountering bad weather on the road. Before you set off, make sure your wipers are functioning properly and that your tyre tread is of adequate depth.

Take it slow. Speeding when it is sunny outside is dangerous but when it is raining and the roads are wet – you risk hydroplaning! Hydroplaning is when your vehicle fails to maintain the necessary traction on the wet surface of the road, causing your car to skid.

Let there be light. Do not forget to turn on your lights, even if it is broad daylight; it will help other drivers see you through the rain.

Leave some room. You need to add at least three extra seconds to your following time so you have ample time to react. On wet surfaces, your tyres may not grip the way you expect them to so you won’t brake as quickly as you would on dry gravel: leave enough room!

Know how to respond when you start to skid. If your car beings to skid, don’t panic and slam the brakes. Rather take your foot off the accelerator and steer straight as best you can until your tyres get better traction and you regain control of the vehicle.

Come sun, wind or rain, Kallie has you covered.



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