Make any trip a sleepover with Bakkie Beds

CBCC Bakkie Bed

Any avid camper will tell you that sleeping under the stars is an experience all people need to have at least once. It’s up to you as to whether you choose to do so directly on a sandy beach or perhaps in the bushveld. However, you could be opting for sleeping arrangements that exemplify Kallie’s innovation.

Bakkie Beds

Bakkie beds are installed into your bakkie’s loading box and are so comfortable you may never want to leave. It has taken the guesswork out of camping:

“Where will we pitch the tent so that we get the best sleep?”

The answer is simple: your bakkie bed is where you park for the night.

CBCC Bakkie Beds 1

The bakkie bed elevates you off the ground so no creepy-crawlies can bother you – and it makes for a warm night’s rest! It’s so comfortable you may finally be able to convince your significant other to join you on your next trip.

CBCC Bakkie Beds 2

A bakkie bed is ideal for individuals who enjoy camping, hunting and fishing, and often find themselves in the wilderness. Sleeping in the comfort of your bakkie is warmer, safer and more comfortable than your other options. All you need to do now is pack a pillow and you are good to go, wherever you like, for multiple days and nights.

Space and comfort

The bakkie beds do not sacrifice space for comfort. There is still plenty of packing space underneath the bed frame and on top of the bed itself. The bed is functional and doesn’t get in the way. Instead, it creates another surface on which to place things you may need on your trip. Plus, you’ll save plenty of space without your tent!

If you are brave and are camping in the bushveld you may wake up to some lions at your gate – but you will still be truly safe from harm.

CBCC Bakkie Beds 3

Whether you’re planning for the next Oppikoppi music festival or your next fishing or camping trip, make sure you contact Kallie for your very own bakkie bed. They are custom-made so that any bakkie can be fitted with a comfy bed. Happy camping and sleep tight!

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