Kallie’s got you covered this Braai Day

CBCC Heritage day

It’s Heritage Day this month and we all know what that means — it’s time to braai! With the weather heating up we can dust off our lapa furniture and invite some friends over for South Africa’s best-loved tradition.

We are given a long weekend in September to celebrate our heritage and share a braai together – so you may want to take to the road! As always, Kallie’s got you covered whether you are indeed taking the family away for an adventure or staying home.

Tent poles and ropes with standard and executive canopies

Kallie’s standard canopy (whether with a standard frame or super frame) and executive canopy can come with tent poles, ropes and awnings. This means you can set up a braai comfortably outdoors, any time you like. It is perfect for days when you want to enjoy the outdoors along with an outdoor activity whether it be camping, fishing or just being in and enjoying nature.

A canopy for your bakkie can change the way you drive and the way you live. The convenience of covered space that can be turned into a multifunctional space is something most outdoorsmen only dream of.

Not only will you have a functional canopy but the bonus of being able to set up a gazebo anywhere, makes your canopy exceptional. There is no better way to embrace the arrival of spring than to spend time outside – but not directly in the midday sun! “Ons gaan nou braai!” will actually mean you are going to braai, right now, wherever you are.

cbcc tent poles

Covers for your braai essentials

He really has thought of everything. Kallie has even established a way to make travelling with your gas braai and all its bits and bobs, simpler. Custom canvas covers for your camping gear makes taking anything with you on your adventures a breeze.

“Waaneer braai ons?”


cbcc braai


Couch and table covers

Did you get to your braai area and realise everything was covered in a layer of dust because the last time you sat there was last summer, or maybe even in mid-winter when you may have been lucky enough to enjoy some potjiekos? Be prepared for all the braais to come with custom made couch and table covers. Keep your lapa furniture ready for a kuier at any time.

cbcc furniture covers

Trust Kallie to make Heritage Day this September, and all the braais to come, special and accessible.

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