Choose the Canopy that is perfect for you

CBCC 3 Canopies

You need a canopy for your beloved 4×4, but what to choose? The budget, standard and executive canopy can all be custom made to suit your bakkie and your needs.

Take a look at some of the canopy types and frames offered by Custom Built Canvas Canopies. Remember that all canopy types can be altered to suit your specific requirements.

Budget Canopy

The budget canopy consists of a standard frame and a Ripstop cover with a fixed front window, flexi rear windows and a rear tailgate window flap that can be rolled up.

This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a large addition to their vehicle. This serves as a cover for your bakkie’s load box that can easily be installed and taken off. This canopy serves as a cover only and is not made to bear loads of any kind. It is therefore ideal for those who only require coverage to protect cargo from the elements.

budget canopy



Standard Canopy

Standard Canopy with Standard Frame

The standard frame acts as a roof for the canopy and is not load bearing. It includes canopy clips and can be fitted with extras like side awnings, drops sides, tent poles, tent pole ropes and a standard canopy roof rack. The roof rack can bear up to 600kgs.

standard canopy

Standard Canopy with Super Frame

Unlike with the standard frame, standard canopies with a super frame are bolted down which allows for load bearing.  The super frame is suited for those who wish to fix things like bicycles, canoes, or camping gear on top of the vehicle. This saves space inside the vehicle so your family can travel comfortably over long distances.

This type of canopy can also be fitted with a roof rack and receive the same extras as the standard frame.

canopy super frame

Executive Canopy

The executive canopy is fit with a super frame which is bolted down and a roof rack. A gate frame is set around the load box which can be locked with padlocks. The canvas cover has windows at the back and on the sides that can be zipped open. This is perfect for a contractor or builders who use their vehicle to load equipment and supplies.

Whatever you canopy needs may be, Kallie’s got you covered.

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