Canvas canopies and covers to keep out rain, dust and prying eyes


Whether you use your canopy for privacy or protection against the elements while on holiday, there are certain precautions you can make to have it accommodate both. Rain and prying eyes can both be equally damaging, from damaged expensive equipment to stolen goods, invest in a good quality, private canopy.

Aluminium canopies

CBCC Ladder

















These are ideal for camping. This state of the art custom canopy is private as well as dust and rain resistant. This means your gear is protected from the elements, seeing that it is important to keep your camping equipment in a good condition to preserve it for next year’s trip. This also means your belongings will be safe from wandering eyes and long fingers as these canopies can even be locked for added security.

These canopies can be built with side awnings, drop side awnings, tent poles, tent ropes and a roof rack that can carry a load of up to 600kg.

Beach buggy canopies

CBCC Beach Buggy

















A holiday can be so much more fun with a beach buggy. But there are aspects that can make a beach buggy less than ideal; you wouldn’t leave your belongings in this small vehicle even if it is parked in a safe spot, you can’t travel with it if you suspect rain and you definitely can’t use it during the winter months.

However, if you give Kallie a call you can! With this innovative canopy, you can extend the uses of your beach buggy. We still don’t recommend leaving your belongings in it but you can rest assured rain won’t enter and the stinging winter cold won’t be so severe. Nevertheless, one of the main benefits of this canopy is that it will protect the interior of your buggy, whether it is in use or not.

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