Customised Trailers: Bigger and Better

Custom Built Canvas Canopies

The trailer is the traveller’s best friend, so why not treat your friend to some bells and whistles. Make it bigger and better to your exact specifications. Customise your tag-along buddy with all the added features of your choice.

Trailer Covers

This is more than just a dust cover for your trailer. This can be any number of things you didn’t know even existed but now you know you want. It could be in the form of a simple yet effective cover. The cover protects the contents of the trailer from the elements, wandering hands and peering eyes.

Custom Built Canvas Canopies


You could use a cover to make your trailer completely multi-functional. It can easily become a trailer and/or something else creative and amazing. Did someone say trailer tent bed? Someone did, and Kallie made it, and now we all want one. It’s the inception of trailers; it is a bed, in a tent, on a trailer. Brilliant, I tell you!

The customisable nature of the canvas canopies means your creativity can flourish and be realised by Kallie’s expertise.

Custom Built Canvas Canopies

Trailer Extension

Do you feel like your trailer isn’t living up to its potential, size wise? Well, usually you would huff and puff because you have bought a trailer that is too small; enter Kallie.

He is able to turn even the smallest model trailers into functional packing space. He can make the loading space deeper and add a wrack on-top.

You can add more depth to your trailer with an aluminium case or even bars, which could always be covered by canvas. Space on space on more space. Don’t regret your purchase, just have it upgraded with a little bit of imagination and know-how.

Custom Built Canvas Canopy


Custom Built Canvas Canopies

Trailer Modification

Have you used your trailer a few times and noticed that it is not geared for the holidays and trips you tend to take? For example, if you always go to coastal towns and want to bring fish back in a cooler box your trailer may be too narrow or simply not have enough space.

When you understand exactly what is needed from your trailer, just ask Kallie, problem solved. He can customise your packing space to your exact specifications. In the case of the example; in a separated section you can fill with ice and bring all your coastal treats inland.

Custom Built Canvas Canopies

Your trailer will never be as functional as when it leaves Kallie’s workspace. Contact Custom Built Canvas Canopies for your trailer dreams to materialise.


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