Camping gear before and after a getaway

cbcc camping covers

Going camping is always fun especially with friends and family. However, coming home after a long trip can be a job all on its own. You need to clean all your gear and store it properly to ensure it lives to see the next trip.

Prevention is always better than cure. Custom Built Canvas Canopies has a number of protective methods because, well, our products are custom-built! We provide innovative solutions to make camping easier. Some of our products include sleeping gear to separate you from the ground at night and covers for some of your other equipment.

Camping Gear

Bakkie Beds

With a bed built right into the loading bay of your bakkie you won’t need to stress about washing your tent once you get home – you will have been outdoors and elevated! You can simply give your canvas cover a rinse and you are good to go.

camping equipment

Camping Beds

Sleeping away from the ground means more people can comfortably fit into one tent. This triple-decker bed is perfect for the whole family. It is small and easy to pack. All you need is a sleeping bag and you’re ready for the campsite. When you get home you just need to wash the canvas and pack away its fold-able metal frame.

camping equipment

Camping Covers

Bike Garage

If you are arriving by bike to meet your buddies at a camping site you can use a portable bike garage for storage in order to protect your beloved steed from the elements. A foldable metal frame with a canvas cover is easy to set up and take down wherever you are.

cbcc bike cover

Camping equipment covers

Dust covers will help to keep your camping equipment clean while you’re out and about. It makes your equipment much easier to pack up when travelling, too. Covers are completely customisable to meet your unique camping needs. Make a bag and cover combination for your favourite pot, braai or lantern.

cbcc pots

When camping, all your possessions inevitably get dirty but with Custom Built Canvas Canopies’ innovations you can get a good night’s rest and a warm breakfast with ease – cleaning and packing up becomes a pleasure. Tell us what you need and it can be made to your exact specifications. Whether you are going camping or coming home from a weekend outdoors, we optimise the maintenance of your gear.

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