4 Things you Didn’t Think About for this Year’s Hunting Season

Custom Built Canvas Canopies Hunting

In South Africa, hunting is permitted all year round- but the colder months tend to be a more popular time for hunting. Aside from your brand spanking new 12 gauge shotgun, and the water canteen your dad gave you as a kid, some less-obvious Custom Built Canvas Canopies products and services will make your hunting trip extra convenient. Unlike your shotgun, these products won’t leave a burning hole in your wallet.

Customised Seat Cushions

You and your party will be traveling quite a distance, so make the trip comfortable for your fellow hunting enthusiasts by investing in customised seat cushions for the back of your vehicle. Nothing can dampen the mood of a long journey more than uncomfortable seating, especially on a bumpy gravel road.

Bakkie Seat Cushions

Dustproofing Your Canopy

It is also important to keep that signature red African dust out of your bakkie. The winter months can be particularly unkind to us when it comes to dust. Aside from the Western Cape, the rest of South Africa only sees rainfall in the summer. Keeping your bakkie dust resistant with a custom dustproof design is important as you want all guns on board to remain clean and safe. The same goes for the carcasses of your victory shots.

Custom Built Canvas Canopies Dustproof Bakkie

Protecting Your Hunting Equipment

The odds are you love your hunting equipment. We all know how expensive luxury outdoor equipment can be and keeping it in good shape should be a priority. Be sure to protect essential equipment such as gas operated outdoor stoves, gas bottles and even tray tables- equipment covers will do the trick!

Protecting Camping Equipment

Comfortable Evenings

Climate fluctuates drastically in winter months. The African sun is harsh and draining during the day, yet nobody is keen on sleeping on the cold floor during the evening. Ensure a good night’s rest for you and the crowd with stacked camping beds. It is also a massive space saver so you will only need to set up one tent.

Custom Built Canvas Canopies Camping Beds

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